Dmitry Ostrovsky

Université Grenoble Alpes
Bât. IMAG, 700 avenue Centrale
38400 Grenoble cedex 9, France

Currently visiting
University of Washington
My office is A-316, Padelford Hall

  • I am a PhD student at Université Grenoble Alpes, advised by Anatoli Juditsky and Zaid Harchaoui.
  • I am broadly interested in statistical learning, statistical signal processing, and statistical applications of convex and non-convex optimization, with emphasis on adaptive, efficient, and robust algorithms.

  • Dec '16 
    • I am at NIPS 2016! - [poster] 
    • I moved to the University of Washington until May 2016.
  • Nov '16 
    • Presented the work on adaptive filtering at PGMO Days in Paris. - [slides] 
  • Sep '16 
    • Thanks to NVidia academical seeding project, I can now use a Tesla card! 
  • May'16 
    • Our paper is accepted at NIPS 2016. The full version with all the proofs is on the arXiv. - [pdf] - [arXiv] 
  • Mar '16 
    • Attending two spring schools: GPU for Signal and Image Processing (Grenoble) and Structural Inference (Lübeck). 
  • Sep '16 
    • I began my ''tutorat'' which means that I will be teaching classes in French as part of my PhD preparation. 
    • In Fall 2016 I will teach two courses: Calculus for Engineering Sciences (seminars and lectures) and Statistics for Biology (seminars). 
  • Aug '16 
    • I am at MLSS 2016, Kyoto! 
  • Jul '15 
    • Presented a spotlight of our paper on adaptive filtering at COLT 2015, Paris. - [slides] - [poster] 
    • Attended ICML 2015, Lille. 
  • May '15 

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